Oman’s Transport & Communications Ministry is inviting bids by 16 May for the design and construction of 24 junctions on the Batinah highway.

The highway links Muscat with Dubai. The ministry plans to build a total of 24 grade-separated junctions at key points along a 250-kilometre stretch of the highway. The junctions will either be interchanges or flyovers.

The junctions will be built at Al-Fulaij, Al-Harm, Al-Numan, Abu Abali, A’Tareef, Al-Khaba, near Al-Khadra roundabout, Diyan al-Buwairih, Al-Ghaliel, Al-Breik, Qasbat al-Breik, Al-Radah, Khoral-Hammam, Abu Dhurus, Mejaz, Al-Awenat, Al-Ghezail, Bat, Al-Nahma, Sur Mazare, Al-Farfarah, Al-Wudiyat, Al-Safiyah and Murair al-Darawka.

Oman is planning a number of large-scale upgrades and expansion of its road infrastructure. The roads will support the expansion of Oman’s main ports, such as Salalah and Sohar and Muscat and Salalah International airports.

In December, the ministry also invited companies to submit bids by 7 February for the contract to provide consultancy services on the Nizwa to Thumrait road project. The winning firm will design and supervise the project to turn the Adam to Thumrait section of the Nizwa to Thumrait road into a dual carriageway (MEED 28:12:10).