Qatar will be focusing on investment in its health, education and transport sectors as the country pushes forward with its Vision 2030 plans, according to Finance Minister Ali Shareef al-Emadi.

Speaking at the Euromoney Qatar event held in Doha on 24 November, Al-Emadi said the country needs to increase the contribution of its non-hydrocarbons sector to the economy to ensure long-term development. A stabilisation in oil and gas prices would also benefit Qatar, he added.

Al-Emadi said the role of the private sector in the economy also needs to increase.

Investment in the required infrastructure for Qatar’s hosting of the 2022 Fifa World Cup is set to continue, said Al Emadi, adding that there were no further plans to cancel any of the projects related to the tournament.

The 2022 World Cup has been mired in controversy, with Fifa conducting an investigation into allegations of corruption in the selection of bids for the competition.

However, the investigation concluded in November that there was not enough evidence of major misconduct by Qatar to justify taking the tournament from the country.

Construction work is under way on two of the eight stadiums Qatar is building to meet Fifa World Cup standards. Bids for the main construction contracts on another two stadiums are due before the end of 2014.