Entrant: Muharraq STP Company

Project owner: Ministry of Works

Developer: Muharraq STP Company

EPC contractor: Samsung Engineering Company

Consultant: Hyder Consulting

Description: The Muharraq STP and its associated infrastructure was built to treat wastewater discharges from the island of Muharraq. The project is part of the Bahrain 2030 National Masterplan for Sanitary Engineering Services and has provided a high-technology treatment facility to accommodate the island’s growing wastewater demands. The project comprises a 100,000 cubic-metre-a-day wastewater treatment plant, a sludge incinerator, and 20 kilometres of deep gravity sewer and wastewater collection networks to convey flows to the site for treatment. The project was completed on time, without any lost time injury, and successfully started operation in April 2014.