Saif Mohammed al-Suwaidi

Company: UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA)
Position: Director general

Biography: Saif Mohammed al-Suwaidi was appointed director general of the GCAA in 2008. He was elected chairman of the Arab Civil Aviation Commission Council in 2010. One of his current responsibilities is to oversee the GCAA’s 2011-13 strategic plan, which focuses on improving safety and security across the UAE’s aviation sector at the same time as reducing the level of regulatory intervention.

The GCAA was established in 1996 to act as the federal regulatory agency of the UAE, responsible for safety, security and regulation of civil aviation. It is headquartered in Abu Dhabi, with a regional office in Dubai. Before joining the GCAA, Al-Suwaidi held several senior positions in the UAE Air Force.

He started his career as a pilot in the Air Force in 1981. He has a degree in law from Beirut Arab University and a master’s degree in military science.

Contact tel: (+971) 4 211 1556