Saloua Karkri Belkeziz

Company: GFI Maroc
Position: CEO

Biography: Saloua Karkri Belkeziz established the data processing house Professional Systems in 1987, after spells at France’s Eurosoft and Bull Maroc.

The company was renamed after being acquired by France’s GFI. With 75 staff and a turnover of MDh33m ($4m), this is a small specialist business.

Like so many Moroccan entrepreneurs, Belkiziz has also been highly active in public life, as the founder of the association of Morocco’s Association of Women Heads of Companies (AFEM) and a member of World Bank taskforces dealing with women’s issues. In 2006, AFEM launched a programme to help women develop service businesses in Casablanca.

GFI Maroc specialises in project software for business management. It has a client base of more than 200 firms, ranging from small and medium-sized firms to major national and international companies and a number of public sector bodies.

Contact: (+212) 522 94 97 79
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