Sami Khoreibi

Company: Enviromena Power Systems
Position: Chief executive officer (CEO)


Khoreibi is the founding partner and CEO of Enviromena Power Systems, a UAE-based international solar photovoltaic power producer launched in 2007.

As the CEO of Enviromena, Khoreibi has grown the company to become the largest solar developer in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena), with over 35 projects in 7 countries. The company has attracted a broad base of leading international cleantech investors including Masdar, Good Energies Invest and Zouk Ventures. From 2004 to 2006, and prior to establishing Enviromena, Khoreibi was the founding partner of Candax Energy Inc., an international upstream oil and gas company, which was publicly listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange in 2005.

Sami was named Young Global Leader at the 2012 World Economic Forum, awarded Top 5 Arab Innovators by the MIT Technology Review in 2012, and was recognised by the Middle East Solar Industry Association (Mesia) as a Solar Pioneer in 2014.

Contact: (+971) 2 639 0462