Serwan Baban

Position: Minister of agriculture and water resources, KRG
Biography: Serwan Baban became Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources on 5 April 2012. The ministry plans to construct at least four giant dams and a number of smaller ones in the region, with 11 already in the study or construction phase. Baban was previously vice-chancellor of the University of Kurdistan in Erbil.

He obtained a doctorate in applied remote sensing from the UK’s University of East Anglia in 1991 and worked as a research assistant and senior research associate there before moving to Coventry University as a lecturer.

Baban moved to the University of the West Indies in 2000 to become professor of surveying and land information. He later relocated to St Augustine Campus in Trinidad and, in January 2007, joined Australia’s Southern Cross University as professor of environmental geoinformatics.

Contact Tel: (+964) 75 0492 3604