Spanish group Tecna has successfully carried out a concept study on Oman Gas Company’s (OGC) Salalah liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) extraction project in the south of Oman.

The project was developed at Tecna’s headquarters in Madrid in close collaboration with resident engineers from OGC, Tecna said in a statement.

The contract was awarded to Tecna in June 2012. The project included the screening of process schemes for LPG extraction, the evaluation of possible locations for the facilities, scopes for the process plant, storage facilities and export facilities, development of a financial model, a market study and some related estimates for capital expenditure (Capex) and operating expenditure (Opex).

Assessment on the sensitivity of the project’s profitability with respect to several process variables, such as the optimum plant capacity, the exact plant location and the type of storage facilities, were also part of the studies.

The financial model has allowed OGC to assess the robustness of the project regarding potential changes in several variables, both technical and economic.

Following the satisfactory results of the studies carried out by Tecna, OGC is preparing further steps for the project.

Tecna has 40 years of experience in developing projects in this field and has become a more active player in the gas market in Oman and the wider Middle East.