Carbon Dioxide Recovery Project

Entrant/client: Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC)

CDR plant technology: MHI

Main contractor: Tecnimont ICB

Description: The carbon dioxide recovery project was conceived in 2006 as a strategic development plan for enhancing the production of methanol and urea plants. It was identified as an environmentally friendly project, since it helps to minimise greenhouse gas emissions and contributes towards the national economy. The additional methanol and urea generated increases saleable production by about 4 per cent a year, according to GPIC. Outside expertise was not needed, due to in-house project and operating experience being more than capable of handling the project, as well as operating the unit. The GPIC team consisted of highly experienced engineers, dedicated to the project.


Environmentally friendly labour camp, Dubai

Entrant/client/main contractor: Waagner Biro Gulf

Description: This environmentally friendly labour camp in Dubai uses engineered wetlands to process human sewage and wastewater, which is treated by filtering it through a reed bed. The camp also uses the Terrasave concept of combining different technologies, including photovoltaic (PV) panels and the cooling of these PV modules with treated wastewater. From car and truck washing to fish ponds, PV panel wash-down and the generation of clean water for reuse as garden irrigation, the camp is an example that sustainability can be achieved in an industrial area.