From the clients whose vision gives life to these projects, through to financiers, consultants, contractors and suppliers responsible for delivering the projects, their work to design, build, finance and operate modern industrial, social and civil infrastructure in the region is laying the foundations for a vibrant and dynamic Middle East economy that will provide homes, employment and world-class living conditions for future generations.

That is why the MEED Quality Awards for Projects are a key aspect of MEED’s operations and I am delighted to see such engagement from the projects industry. 

The common factor among all of the national winners is the shared ambition of everyone in each project team to deliver world-class products. It is inspiring to note that while budgets and deadlines remain vital drivers of projects, it is now important to give even higher priority to the health and safety of workers, to environmental sustainability, to corporate responsibility within the wider community and to cooperation across project teams. It is in these aspects that our national winners stand out.

I would like to thank our panel of judges, who have been vital to the success of these awards. Congratulations to the national winners. Their projects will now be entered into the MEED Quality Awards for Projects final, the winners of which will be announced at The Westin Abu Dhabi Golf Resort & Spa on 21 May. I invite you to join me in celebrating these achievements on the night.