Abdul Qader Ahmed

Company: Mass Global Investment Company
Position: Power projects manager

Biography: Abdul Qader Ahmed is director of power projects for the Jordan-headquartered Mass Global Investment Company. The firm has three projects in operation in Kurdistan with a total installed capacity in Iraqi Kurdistan to 2,250MW.with a further two projects to be commissioned in 2013 and 2014.

Prior to joining Mass Global Investment Company, Ahmed was manager of Galala Trading & Construction and manager of Al-Aktar Trading Company. He was also general manager of the Iraqi Atomic Energy Commission’s Scientific Research Centre and deputy minister of the Industry and Minerals Ministry.

Ahmed has a bachelor of science degree from Baghdad University and a master’s and doctorate from the UK’s Manchester University. He is secretary general of the Beirut-based Arab Businessmen Association and manager of Al-Huda International Trading Company.

Contact: (+962) 6 568 3643

Updated: 21.11.12