Abu Dhabi is planning to upgrade and expand a number of ports throughout the emirate, MEED’s Abu Dhabi Conference 2013 was told on 9 December.

Speaking at the MEED event on 9 December, Waleed al-Tamimi, vice president for Asset management, Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC), revealed details of the emirate’s port expansion plans.

The first of these is the Delma port, for which ADPC is expecting to award the contract in early 2014 for the contract to expand and upgrade the port. The ports company is also planning to hire a consultant in March 2014 for expanding the Sila Port, with further development planned to start in June 2014.

For the Mugharag Port, ADPC is planning to hire a consultant in early 2014 to develop a new masterplan for further development of the port.